The inaugural Saigon Rugby 10’s took part on the weekend of 11th – 12th September 2015, with 8  teams competing for the main trophy.

A great event with some competative rugby and even more competative partying

In 2016 we focused on upsizing the tournament and giving all the teams an even more memorable experience in Saigon.
2016 provided us with a diverse amount of 16,  very competative teams from 10 different countries

Onwards and upwards to the tournament in 2017
We target 24 teams… and this year it will be hosted over 2 days…

2017 will show a significant step up in  competition size, stature and duration….
However, we will not forget the priciples of the Saigon 10’s… Play Hard – Party Harder

The Saigon Rugby 10’s 2017, will be double the fun and quadruple in stature. As you read this, we working hard confirming teams for this years event

Saigon 10’s 2017 - 3 Categories

  • 1. Mens Full ON
  • 2. Vets - Full OFF
  • 3. Women’s Full Power

Send us your registration before the tournament  sells out…
The Saigon 10’s is truly on the map and is gathering a pace…don’t miss the trip.

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